Private Workshop for Couples

Body Love Healing for Couples


Would you like to deepen your connection as a couple?

What if you could bring healing to your own soul while supporting your partner’s inner & body love healing?

Would you enjoy enhancing your ability to give and receive love between you and your partner?

This workshop starts out with a mindfulness meditation connecting each individual to their own ability to love who they are.  Love is who we are and when we are disconnected from the awareness of the love we are, we struggle to receive love from another.  Being unable to receive love contributes to a feeling of relational disconnect.  When our ability to fully receive love is affected, our free flowing love expressions are altered.  Then, the level of joy and bliss we could be experiencing may even seem out of reach.

During this workshop Energy Medicine tools and uniquely designed techniques developed by the Creator of Treasuring U Energy Wellness will be given

  1. To align with your own ability to love who you are
  2. To enhance the heart & love connection between you and your partner
  3. To activate the love hormone,oxytocin in your relationship
  4. To increase the couples’ flow of inner healing & body love when together
  5. To expand expressions of unconditional love flowing from the heart space
  6. To support the proper function of a communication pathway in the body known in Energy Medicine & Chinese Medicine to allow deep mind-body-heart-spirit connection during intimate moments
  7. To heal you and your partner from the damage of experiencing life's judgments instead of unconditional love

This workshop is more than receiving instruction. It is an opportunity to experience being who you and who your partner really are within the framework of unconditional love and the healing this atmosphere can bring. Although some instruction is given, this workshop is not directly about sexual expression during the workshop time frame. This workshop is about being and experiencing the amazing energy of love we already are but didn’t always know how to fully be. During the workshop you will learn how to be this energy of love expression in ways that bring healing to you and your partner. Deepening your ability to give and receive love during the workshop opens up the possibility of enhancing intimate expressions of love when moving beyond your workshop experience.

Body Love Healing for Couples workshop (4 hours)

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