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Techniques feeling like reflexology for the Body

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  What do you "Treasure" most about living a life of wellness?

How Can "Treasuring U" Help? 

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Our body organs, glands, cells, and tissues contain a reserve level enabling us to tolerate chaotic schedules, surgeries and life traumas restoring us back to a homeostatic balance in the body.  At age 30 this reserve decreases by 1 percent each year.  If we have been under a great deal of stress early in life this wellness reserve starts to get depleted earlier than age 30.  This wellness reserve depletion affects our longevity of life, physical wellness and overall well-being.  Chinese Medicine Theory works with 14 different wellness supporting pathways in the body along with Chinese Medicine Reflex/Acupressure/Neurovascular/ Convergence/Luo/ Passage/ Neurolymphatic points restoring our body's ability to preserve our life of wellness. 

Each technique supports the function of an organ and various body structures giving us a powerful tool in pursuit of our well-being. Intervention before decline equates to investing in maintaining health.  Intervention when signs of decline appear gives hope while being personally empowered for wellnesss restoration.

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    A Powerful Avenue for Well-Being.


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Many indigenous cultures around the world implement tools to support the health of their bodies along with the well-being of every aspect of what makes them who they are. Therefore, Treasuring U Energy Wellness brings this information to you with gentleness, transformative awareness, knowledge, insight and compassion. Treasuring U Energy Wellness equips you with creatively unique ways to support your wellness potential, empowers you to take good care of you incorporating techniques to lovingly support your physical body and energetic you with mind, heart and spirit.

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  Give Yourself the Gift of Wellness

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What if receiving wellness is as easy as receiving the breeze on your skin? ∞                       

If you could receive easy tools for self-care, would you choose them? Are you open to the possibility of transitioning your body from spiraling downward to supporting a healthy you? What if a life of increased wellness can be experienced by facilitating a connection with the wholeness potential already within you? Treasuring U Energy Wellness is here to provide quality service on your path of discovering how to be self-empowered in taking excellent care of you and your body.


 What if discovering how amazingly beautiful your body works could truly be a treasured experience? What if this beautifully treasured journey could be filled with moments of awe and wonder? What if this path of discovery could expand into moments of celebration?

Treasuring U Energy Wellness does not feel you are confined to the perspective of being the sick trying to get well. You are so much more. Treasuring U Energy Wellness sees you on a wellness journey full of hope as we partner with you in discovering what works best for uniquely designed you.  Using energy medicine tools to support the heart/spirit, mind and body, we will honor the information your body is communicating. This honoring of you opens a doorway of wellness which in turn strengthens your own desire to fully expand into the well-being possibilities available for you within each present moment.

 Welcome to a Life of Treasuring U!

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