Inner Wellness Sessions

Would you like to follow Your Heart on a Receiving Adventure?

Re-Centering Protocol
Have you experienced one traumatic experience after another leading you to feel out balance or disconnected with your present moments in life? When we go through one challenging experience after another, a particular supportive energy pattern gets disrupted causing us to feel as if we have lost our footing. When our circumstances feel like a continual bombardment of challenges, we can begin to feel lost inside and out. This Re-centering session uses Chinese Medicine techniques and acupressure to restore your ability to feel connected, focused, re-centered while re-orienting you to your present moments and enhancing your natural ability to receive a sense of direction in life once again.

Open to Joy Protocol

This technique was shared by an Eden Energy Medicine facility member, Vicki Matthews, and involves working with points from the different Radiant Circuit pathways. Radiant Circuits are the electromagnetic pathways primarily associated with our ability to experience joy rather than despair, negative thinking, and self-sabotage. Working with these circuits facilitate a moving beyond any habitual patterns within these particular pathways that would prevent experiences of hope, gratitude, and enjoyment of life. This Open to Joy Protocol involves using specific points on the body to connect the Radiant Circuits and opening them up to a balanced flow of electromagnetic energy rekindling inner laughter. The Open to Joy technique was used by the Ancient Medicine Qigong Masters to tap into their own inner flow of joy and happiness. These Qigong Masters also believed that these energy body acupressure points aided in protecting against illness and stress.

  Advanced Elemental Mind / Meridian Session 

This session is a coaching experience implementing the use of Neurovascular (NV) reflex points associated with the 5-Element Chinese Medicine theory to balance how thoughts affect the brain along with the balance of our meridians. Decreasing the electromagnetic charge within the body and brain resulting from our stressful thought life increases our ability to pursue inner wellness with increased ease.  Coaching techniques developed by the Creator of Treasuring U Energy Wellness will be used to address the timeline of where specific thought energy derived its roots while releasing the stress this has caused on the mind and body.   


    Freedom from Worry Protocol

Have you been diagnosed with an incurable condition, illness or disease?  Do you find yourself in a state of worry and concern over the prognosis?  Does your body need it's vitality supported during a physical challenge?  If so, this protocol was developed by an EEM facility member, Dr. Sara Allen, to alleviate the emotional mind stress associated with feeling like there is no hope while restoring inner & outer strength for life's physical challenges.  Once in a state of worry, a biochemical response in the body takes place increasing our stress level thus decreasing our immune function when we need it the most.  Therefore, managing our human tendency to worry provides immune system support increasing our wellness potential.  This session comes with take home exercises and involves working with specific reflex points and "strange flow" pathways known in Chinese Medicine.  The strange flow pathways are also known for bringing resilience to both the mind and body during physical challenges. 


    Heart Space Protocol

Have you endured wounds to your passionate heart? Do you struggle to find a way to reach out beyond disappointment? Have you experienced the loss of a loved one?  Has an experience with a romantic relationship created a feeling of being closed off from the world? Has one challenging experience in life after another lead down a path of feeling incapable of connecting with the rest of life? When our "feeling" heart hurts it can make every area of our life feel like it hurts.  This Heart Space Protocol connects you to your heart space giving you energetic support for your heart restoration journey. This session is restorative, calming, profoundly relaxing, and comes with take home exercises. 

All sessions above are $90 each With Gretchen as your Practitioner.  The sessions above are not a part of Treasuring U's training program.

Advanced Seed Point Protocol

Are you interested in transforming self-defeating thinking patterns? Do you feel thrown off balance by stressful situations? Are you struggling to move forward in life? If so, these particular Chinese acupressure points provide an avenue to transition from where you are to where you would like to be. Any issue can be addressed including how stress and anxiety can affect the electromagnetic communication patterns within the body. A performing artist client of Treasuring U Energy Wellness reported no longer having “stage fright” and was able to execute their performance with improved memory, clarity and enhanced speaking and performing ability. This session also includes basic energy balancing/ relaxation techniques as well along with take home exercises. $90 with Gretchen

*This Advanced version of the Seed Point Protocol is a deep work. Therefore, the pre-requisite sessions of  “Open to Joy Protocol” & "Advanced Elemental Mind / Meridian Session" are recommended before scheduling an Advanced Seed Point Protocol Session.







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