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Each individualized Session integrates the concept of whole being wellness to empower you, the client, to fully embrace your restorative path.  Individualized Sessions give the gift of “wellness awareness” during the session while equipping you to maintain this awareness after leaving the session. 


           Addressing Nine Different Systems

Individualized care plans are created for each client

*Note: All protocol descriptions below or not meant to treat any disease, condition, or illness, they are only meant to provide  body support during life's challenges.

 There are multiple techniques & protocols available in support of each individual's wellness potential.  Below is just a small example of what is possible for you to experience and enjoy.

Organ Supporting Pathway Protocols

Treasuing U is now Training Clients & their families to work with their organ supporting pathways on a "practitioner" level. This means You are empowered to handle chronic imbalances and bring your organ supporting pathways back into harmony again without having to make regular appointments to maintain this aspect of your wellness support.  Ask Gretchen about the price of Training.

There are 14 pathways in the body that support the energy and vitality of each organ and the surrounding structures.  According to Chinese Medicine “Meridian” Theory, the kidney pathway (or meridian) supports internal energy balance associated with willpower while supporting external energy balances associated with the eyes, ears, bone health, kidneys, bone marrow, blood pressure, certain blood chemistry issues, and body fluids. The Kidney meridian is known as the Root of Life supporting the function and flow of all the other meridians. After working with the kidney pathway, Treasuring U Energy Wellness clients' have reported decreased leg swelling, a boost in energy, decreased feeling of tightness in lower extremities, increased life focus, balanced kidneys, clearer vision, balanced blood pressure and overnight weight loss associated with holding onto to excess body fluids.  Gretchen, the Creator of Treasuring U Energy Wellness, has developed protocols working with each organ supporting pathway in the body allowing for the space the body requires to go deep into its own restorative essence.

Electrics System Protocols

  The two primary areas associated with the Electrics System are the heart muscle and the nervous system.  As a result of the two Electric system protocols below, Treasuring U Energy Wellness clients have reported "no more" unexplainable nerve like pain, "no more" unexplainable tingling in the arms & legs, "no more" unexplainable body discomfort, "no more" unexplainable heart palpitations, increased joint movement within "frozen" joints, no longer experiencing a pervasive feeling of being disoriented affecting ability to organize thoughts. 

Revitalizing ProtocolRevitalizing Electrics System techniques assist in bringing energy balance to the electrical energy aspects of the heart muscle along with encouraging electrical energy balance, energy revitalization and energy regeneration of all tissues, cells, muscles, and body organs. 

 Deep Electrics ProtocolDeep Electrics System protocol focuses in on providing an energetic foundation for supportive energy balance when the physical body is facing challenges such as nervous system / neurological energy imbalances, joint/ tendon/ scar tissue energy imbalances, electrical energy imbalance after being struck by lightning, supports a state of energy balance after trauma / surgery, promotes energy balance if tissue regeneration is an issue, may be indicated if feeling haywire or disoriented, if feeling a need to be healed of deep body memories and is good for burning away all energy system blocks affecting the mind, emotions and physical body. 

 Xi Cleft Protocol: Developed by EEM facility member, Vicki Mathews N.D, this protocol uses places on the body known as accumulation points in Chinese Medicine. These acupressure points are where the body’s Qi and blood deeply converge in a meridian pathway. The Xi Cleft Protocol provides energy body support for those experiencing challenges with cancer, the liver, acute cystitis (Bladder inflammation), acute asthma, face discomfort/swelling, menstrual irregularities, chest discomfort, or obstruction/ atrophy of lower extremities.

Harmonizing the Fire: Developed by EEM facility member, Dr. Melanie Smith, providing energy body support during times of panic, anxiety, PTSD, anxiety related insomnia, challenges with losing weight, adrenal / thyroid / cortisol energy body imbalances, hot flash & night sweats discomfort, and energy body support during pregnancy.

Source Flow Protocol: Developed by EEM facility member, Dr. Melanie Smith, supporting the energy body when the physical body is going through experiences such as organ transplant, organ removal, pre & post-surgery, diabetes, hepatitis, cirrhosis, gall or kidney stones, interstitial cystitis, Crohn’s, cancer and energy imbalances in any body organ including the heart.


  • Reduction of "Side Effects" to Medications: When taking medications meridians in our body can end up in an unbalanced state creating what we experience as "side effects." Treasuring U Energy Wellness offers techniques to help balance your energetic pathways (according to Chinese medicine theory) decreasing this medication risk. Take home exercises are included to maintain the session work.                    

    Individualized Session Wellness Investment

Individualized Sessions are 1 hour to

1 hour & 30 minutes

1st Consultation Session $120 for 1hour & 30 minutes, Follow up pricing various depending on if you choose training, Two practitioner or a One practitioner option.  Ask Treasuring U about their training program.

*Due to stress levels influencing our wellness journey

It is highly recommended to receive a few relaxation sessions or receive training with friends & family on how to do the relaxation sessions on each other before scheduling an Individualized Consultation.  You can receiving Relaxation Training with Gretchen & you can receive a relaxation session from Ann.  Call: 330-730-9059



The information on this page describes complimentary health techniques addressing the balancing of electromagnetic energy and vibrational frequency flow that influences energy body function. We do not diagnose or treat any medical or psychological conditions, impairments, or diseases. Nor is it our intent to encourage clients to use our techniques to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological conditions, impairments, or diseases.  Our intent is to be a source of support to your regular health care plan with a qualified health care professional. Therefore, with any symptoms described here in, seek the advice of an appropriate health care specialist.













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