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Source Point Protocol

Treasuring U is now Training Clients & their friends, families to do the Source Point Protocol on one another.

Source points originate from Chinese Medicine theory and give an extra boost of strength and vitality to all the main electromagnetic pathways (or meridians) in the body. These pathways support the function of each body organ and support the body’s various communication systems. Anyone can receive benefit from this deeply supporting to the body protocol. Due to its particular restorative attributes, this protocol is also highly beneficial during & after long term illness and before & after surgery. 

The body perceives both illness and surgery as a trauma to normal functioning.  This perception creates a deep pattern of disconnect interfering with proper communication between the right side of the brain and the left side of the body and the left side of the brain and the right side of the body. This crossing over disconnect greatly slows down the body’s healing and recovery process. Therefore, if struggling to get well or not feeling quite yourself again after surgery, you may find recovery support from this protocol.

∞ Detox Protocol & Detox Preparation Series

Due to the level of toxins within our environment and the build up within our body, Detox Sessions are a deep work.  Therefore, to create a baseline resiliency within the mind and body, an Open to Joy Protocol is a highly recommended pre-requisite session if you have been experiencing unwanted anger, irritability or a lack of inner joy.  The Open to Joy Protocol was used by Qi Gong Masters to support joy, body wellness, resiliency against illness and provide overall vitality.

Part 1: Detox Protocol Preparation Series: This is a series of Seven to Eight sessions (depending on what your body requires) preparing your body to get the most out of the Part 2 Detox Protocol by working with pathways and energy systems in the body supporting the goal of detox. This Part 1 Preparation Series includes Whole Being Wellness Education & Coaching, Detox Prep Body Work (using the deeper opening space techniques Gretchen has developed), nutritional tips and take home exercises to prepare the body to get the most out of your Detox Protocol Session Part 2.   Each 1 hour & 30 minute session is valued at $120 each; yet, as a part of this series, each session is only $90 each.   

Part 2 (Detox Protocol):  This technique was shared by an EEM facility member, Vicki Matthews, N.D., using Chinese Medicine theory and Passage points. This Protocol supports the moving out of all toxic energy build up contributed by both the physical and emotional aspects of who we are. This is the most gentle to the body detox technique Treasuring U Energy Wellness has found.  Alternative wellness techniques allowing your body to process this protocol with increased ease has also been added by Treasuring U Energy Wellness. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after experiencing this detoxing protocol to maximize your benefit. $120 value on special for $100  (if you are already on an Individualized Wellness Plan this session may only be $90 if you have qualified for the Discount.)

**If you would like to increase your detox experience even further, add a Brazilian Toe Technique to any of your Part 1 or Part 2 Detox Protocol Session for only $10 (A $35 value)

*If you have been diagnosed with an auto-immune illness, your Part 2 session will have to be separated into 3 sessions to maintain body ease with the detox process.  These 3 sessions will take your body through the energetic detox process more slowly in addition to adding alternative wellness techniques providing energetic immune system support as well.  All three session will be at a discounted rate of $80 each.






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