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For those clients desiring to receive Organ Supporting Pathway Sessions instead of receiving Training, you may receive two Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners working to support balance, harmony and wellness at the same time. This Two Practitioner” option is also recommended for those looking to get their energy body turned around in short order. After your first initial consultation session with Gretchen to develop a care plan, this "Two Practitioner" option (with Gretchen & an additional Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner) may be scheduled.

Two Practitioner Session

The additional Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner’s name is Ann Edwards. Ann Edwards and Gretchen Ramella are partnering together for local residents here in Ohio and providing this option for you. Gretchen and Ann work together in a beautifully harmonious flow accomplishing a depth of shift providing a high level of efficiency during each session.

Say, "Hello" to Ann.

Ann Edwards

Natural Health Advocate

Young Living Consultant

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner

Call: 330-730-9059 to make a "Two Practitioner" appointment

For those who would rather receive a relaxation session (Elemental Mind/Body Balancing & Relaxation Session or the Chinese Hei Zhenzhu Relaxation Session) instead of receiving training may make this Relaxation Session appointment with Ann.  When calling Treasuring U Energy Wellness, ask to be schedule with Ann if this is your choice. 


 Two Practitioner Sessions & Relaxation Sessions with Ann available Saturdays & Sundays only

"Two Practitioner" Sessions last 75 minutes for $120

A Relaxation Session with Ann is 1 hour for $64









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