Relaxation Sessions

What a Gift "Treasuring U" could be.

According to leading researchers 75 to 90% of all healthcare visits are stress related.

Without taking time to relax, the effects of stress build up in the body increasing risks to our health.

  • Damage to cardiovascular system leading to heart attack & stroke
  • Elevated blood sugar, which can lead to insulin resistance or diabetes
  • Elevated blood pressure & heart rate
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Inefficient digestion
  • Immune system imbalance
  • Thinning of muscle tissue
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inflammation & weight gain
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of short term memory
  • Loss of libido
  • Reproductive hormone disorders
  • Impaired detoxification
  • Increased risk of disease


The "true" calm you. What would it be like?

What if a relaxed body is more willing to maintain wellness?

What would you like to choose as your gift to you?

3 Relaxation Choices below.

Also, Feel FREE to receive training on giving & receiving Choice #1 & #2 with your family & friends.

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Mind/Body Balancing/ Relaxation Sessions

  1st choice, Elemental Mind/Body Balancing/Relaxation Session (Level 1): This session implements the use of Neurovascular (NV) reflex points associated with the 5-Element Chinese Medicine theory.  NV points are supportive to nervous system balance, circulatory system balance and the balance of organ supporting pathways. When we become stressed, blood rushes away from our brain and toward our arms and legs.  With less blood in the  forebrain, it makes it difficult to function with clear thought processes. These NV points support the body in finding its own way to bring appropriate flow and circulation, to restore clarity of thought and to re-center the mind during times of overwhelm. This technique helps to retrain the mind’s response to stress inviting a stabilizing calm while encouraging mental balance. This basic elemental Chinese rhythm session provides relief for the stress we experience caused by challenging “mind chatter” bringing a sense of peace to our mental processes decreasing “thought” stress.  Recipients have reported feeling like their stressful thoughts are releasing and floating away during the session and many have reported an increased ability to deal the daily stressors of life.

Allow mental stress to float away...

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  2nd choice, Chinese Hei Zhenzhu Relaxation Technique:   When bombarded with stress, a part of the brain called the hypothalamus begins to shrink influencing balanced appetite, sleep-wake cycle, balanced endocrine system, body temperature, behavioral function,emotional response, sex drive and regulates breathing. When the hypothalamus shrinks due to stress, proper function is inhibited. This Chinese Hei Zhenzhu Relaxation Technique brings a profound relaxation while supporting the body in finding its own way in allowing the hypothalamus to restore its ability for numerous tasks. 

A restored hypothalamus also supports healthy blood flow, strengthens the body, promotes a deep sense of safety and encourages a feeling of comfort and trust. Supporting the hypothalamus assists in bringing a harmoniously calm connection to the emotional part of the brain known as the limbic system. This technique supports the body in finding its own way to bring an energetic balance to the amygdala as well.  The amygdala is associated with our body's alarm circuits influencing our "perceived" threat awareness which gets heightened during times of stress and overwhelm. 

When under continual stress, feelings of anxiety, frustration or fear may result.  During this constant stress, the amygdala also reacts by projecting a continual sense of hopelessness derived from our negative experiences. These negative experiences can influence our level of internal motivation.  If our brain is in a "perceived" state of stress, we will struggle with being able to relax and possibly experience bouts of insomnia, muscle tightness and body pain. 

With the use of Chinese Hei Zhenzhu acupressure points, this technique has been reported by recipients to bring a deep calm, create an emotionally balanced feeling within, an increased ability to deal with life's challenges, clear congested sinuses, increased ease with breathing, allow an awareness of having a sound mind, a release of deep sadness & negativity, increase clarity of thought, reduce stressful thoughts, peaceful increase in motivation, increase feelings of a comforting trust, no longer feeling "stressed out" and profoundly relaxing the entire body while allowing deep sleep throughout the night. 

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3rd choice, Mind/Body/Spirit Calming with Sound Frequency: This sound session uses the frequencies of the Solfeggio scale. NASA uses this frequency scale to bring protection, stability, and resiliency to the astronaut’s body when traveling to and from outer space. The Solfeggio tones are the original sound frequencies of ancient Gregorian songs. Sound frequency methods use mathematical intervals between every note creating a vibrational resonance shift on a cellular level within the body’s connective tissue.

Dr. Candice Pert, PhD shares from her research that sound vibration goes all the way to the molecular level via 70 different cell receptor sites. The Solfeggio tones were used in ancient times because sound relaxation was thought to inspire healing of the mind, body and spirit. A Sound Session is equivalent to speaking to the cells of the body in a vibrational frequency language the body cells understand. This cellular understanding allows for a resonant memory of the vibrancy and beauty we truly are along with the beauty that our body cells actually can be. Deep serenity from sound vibration is a peacefully unique experience.

Even if we lost the carefree feeling of childhood, a sound vibration experience allows for a reconnecting to the inner feeling of well-being once again. Alternative Wellness Therapy techniques are added to session as well increasing the depth of inner balance and harmony brought about by your sound frequency experience. Recipients have reported being amazed at how all troubling thoughts and body discomfort disappear. Sound Session: $64


FEEL FREE:   Would you like to learn how to give & receive relaxation technique session with your friends and family? Treasuring U offers training for Choice #1 & Choice #2 on this page.  After a reasonably low investment for your training, you and your friends & family can receive relaxation sessions from each other for FREE !


  "Add On" a Brazilian Toe to Sound Session Above

(*Only $24)

  Brazilian Toe Technique: Originating from Brazil, the zone reflex points of the Brazilian Toe are known for supporting the body in finding its own way to sooth an achy, distressed body and to calm restless legs. The relaxation extends deep providing tranquility to the nervous system supporting the body in finding its own way to balance physical discomfort, reduce body stress, calm emotional stress, release toxins, balance out edema issues and harmonize morning sickness. Brazilian Toe is used in some cancer centers to relieve side effects of Chemo therapy, radiation & post-surgical anesthesia.  Because the Brazilian Toe aides the body in finding its own way to release toxins, those with hair loss, edema or nausea from hospital procedures may experience greater balance after the Brazilian Toe Technique.

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