Private / Small Group Teaching


Private/ Small Group Teaching

Private / Small Group Teaching Sessions are educational opportunities for receiving self-care information for the purpose of empowering you with exercises and quick techniques you can do on a daily basis or whenever needed. 

 30 minute Choices

Stress Reduction Part 1:

Stress Reduction Part 2:

Stress Reduction Part 1 and Part 2 contain postures, tools, exercises and techniques using Chinese Medicine theory to calm and balance the body during times of stress.

Workout Preparation

Come and learn exercises to calm the body's state of high intensity after a busy workday in order to transition into your workout. Why is this important? If this "busy" feeling within in not calmed down first, the body will release cortisol during your workout decreasing the weight reducing benefits your exercise regimen can bring.  Likewise if we are in a fight/flight state right before and /or during a meal, this "being in survival mode" also cause the body to store fat during a meal as opposed to utilizing your food for nutritional support.  This class also includes Eden Energy Medicine exercises that enhance the overall benefits of your workout by increasing your endurance capacity and oxygen availability and excerises to support your body's metabolism during a meal.

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60 minute options below

60 minute Choices


Increase Your Learning Capacity

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   Reduce the Emotional Energy of Stress   

This private class contains the concept of how the body may perceive stuck emotions as a dangerous attacking enemy and how to move this inner attack mode on through the body decreasing the body's physiological stress response. 

Holding stress within the mind and body decreases immune function, increases the risk chronic body inflammation and leads to illness and disease.

Come discover the easily accessible and transformative virtue within by using Chinese Medicine acupressure points and uniquely designed exercises.


 Transform Judgment

Do you ever find yourself judging you or being harsh with yourself?  Do you ever feel judged by others?  Do you ever find yourself stuck in being who you wish you weren't?  Do you find yourself wishing "things" in life were different? 

This class addresses the concept of judgment using Eden Energy Medicine tools to transform its hold and how it affects our lives and inner wellness.  Come and find out how an atmosphere of judgment influences mind, emotion, and physical body wellness. 

Judging ourselves can prevent us from experiencing the fullness of life along with the changes we desire; therefore, class participants have had amazing results.










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