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Is it time to deeply love you?

Loving U Coaching

When our ability to love ourselves is not flowing freely, this diminished self-love leaves us vulnerable to being harsh with who we are.  This harshness could reveal itself with simply being overly critical of ourselves and our life, not believing in the beauty that we are in every present moment, continually condemning ourselves for the choices we have made and / or influence our overall body image. These "harsh with self" paths may hinder our receiving of wellness by simple leading us to believe we do not deserve any better.  Until we can love who we are, we are left seeking love and approval from the world around us running the risk of increasing our anxiety levels and biochemically triggering our stress response depleting our immune system.  When we believe we are not "good enough" to receive a "good" life (even if it is on a subconscious level), we also block our awareness of the beauty that we already are while hindering our ability to experience the existing beauty of life. 

This Loving U Coaching series increases your awareness of what self-love is, takes a look at self-love obstacles, assists you in removing these road blocks, introduces energy medicine techniques and welcomes you into a new loving, gentle, tender, nurturing relationship with you.  


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Energy Medicine addresses the outer layers and energy body aspects of our wellness potential.

Not loving who we are is often times the deepest "innermost" layer behind why we are not experiencing the wholeness we desire.   


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