Energy Medicine is New to Me

Treasured Guest, 

If the concept of energy and how it is a part of how we function as human beings is new to you; then, you are in good company. There was a time when I had no idea how I was a bundle of energy with electrical impulses flowing through and communicating throughout my body. Yet, my journey to find answers to help the physical body led me to expand my knowledge and understanding. There is a great deal of research on Quantum physics to further open up our awareness of who we are. Yet, for the purpose of creating a picture for all us "newbies," a foundation of how we are electrical is shared below.

  1. Let’s discuss a few topics we already know about from our experiences in life; yet, maybe we didn’t know there was an “energy” connection. For example, have you ever shuffled your feet on carpet and experienced an electrical shock? Well, this can only happen if you are a conduit of flowing electrical impulses (or energy) and your circuitry ended up in a small overload which felt shocking.                                                                                      What would happen if you stuck your finger into an electrical outlet? Would the electrical circuits within your body go haywire creating an unbalanced electrical experience that could be unpleasant or even detrimental to the body?  Once again, this could only happen if you are already a conduit of and for electrical impulse energy.                                   
  2. What if you stepped on a piece of glass with your bare foot? Would you feel pain? Why? There are electrical impulses flowing through your body along nerve communication pathways. Then, your pain receptors pick up this traveling electrically communicated information and take it to the brain letting you know something needs attention.
  3. The heart muscle actually contains an electrical system control called the AV node that electrically connects the atrial and ventricular chamber of the heart. Electrical signals pass from the atria to the ventricles through the AV node.  As the AV node sends electrical voltage through the heart, it facilitates a heartbeat pumping blood throughout the entire circulatory system.              
  4. Within the nervous system human electricity energy is generated by chemical processes within the nerve cells.
  5. When muscles contract, it’s an electrical phenomenon within the muscle cells facilitating the communication needed to allow the contraction to happen.                                                                                                                  
  6. If you have an EKG (Electrocardiogram) performed by a medical professional, what are they measuring? They are measuring the electric impulse activity of the heart muscle to see if it is flowing in a healthy pattern.
  7. What about getting an EEG (Electroencephalograph) done? Isn’t this test evaluating the electrical communication flowing in the brain? Yes.
  8. Cells within the human body actually contain what’s known as “membrane voltage” contributing to their healthy function.  This, too, is electrical energy.
  9. Each cell within the body has a positive charge (protons) and a negative charge (electrons) creating the basic framework for all electrical energy activity within the body.
  10. The electrical activity of the heart can be picked up by special EKG machines up to 3 feet away. 
  11. A magnetoencephalograph measures the multiple excited neurons in an area of the brain from within the field outside the body.  Therefore, not only do we have electrical activity within our body but this electrical activity within us permeates our field around us. 

If we can develop machines measuring the electrical activity within certain areas of the body (inside and outside), this gives us the baseline confirmation we need to understand how our body functions with electrical energy flowing through it on all levels of functioning. The function of each cell and all body communication pathways use these waves of electrical impulse flow to sustain and support our body.

Have you ever thought about your body's electrical health?

Electromagnetic energy in our body flows in a variety of patterns.  If these patterns are healthy, balanced, and connected, they will support wellness within our bodies.  If these patterns are disharmonious, irregular, disconnected or imbalanced in their function and flow, our body's energy patterns will actually be in support of sickness and dis-ease.

Addressing our electromagnetic health (often referred to as Energy Medicine or EM) has been around for over 5,000 years.  China's main form for supporting the health and wellness of their communities is through EM.  Chinese Medicine (a form of Energy Medicine) is so effective the doctors get paid to keep their patients well.  The only time the physician's do not get paid is when their patients get sick.  In China, it is the doctor’s job to recognize the signs of illness in any of the energy systems or energetic pathways before it develops into disease.   A healthcare paradigm supporting wellness instead of only treating diseases once it occurs can be a new concept to embrace.   

Overall in Western Society we do not incorporate the reality of our energy body as part of our wellness care plans or consider how the energetic parts of us may assist in our pursuit of well-being.  Therefore, it requires a type of new lifestyle training to educate ourselves about how our energy body works and begin to retrain and transform our energy body's unhealthy patterns along with any state of disconnect.  Sometimes on this new journey we can have immediate transformational experiences.  Other times it will take time to retrain our energy being to be balanced, harmonious, connected and function in healthy ways. 

Even if we go our entire lives without knowing who we are energetically (electrically) or how our body functions, the energy parts of who we are still affect us and influence our well-being. Discovering what our bodies are all about as bundles of energy is vital to our life of wellness. Understanding who we are as "energy beings" can literally change our life.

May you continue to learn how energetically awesome you truly are! 

With an Invitation to Fully Receive Expansive Wellness Possibilities,

Gretchen Ramella 

RN, BSN, Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, Whole Being Wellness Educator, Life Transformed Coach & Group Facilitator, Heart Connecting Singer/Songwriter/Musician

If there is a desire for further investigation of the scientific basis for energy medicine, I encourage endeavors to consult, James L. Oschman's book entitled,"Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis."  With no background knowledge in EM, Oschman is a journalist who was hired to research out the topic of Energy Medicine and write a book proving or disproving the validity of EM.  Therefore, Oschman's perspective is authentic in it's representation of someone researching out an "unknown" topic and giving an unbiased view point.












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