Client Testimonials

Disclaimer:  Treasuring U Energy Wellness does not diagnose or treat any illness, disease or condition.  Yet, the body can be brought back into a place of harmony and balance making it easier for the body to find it's own way to wellness.  This harmony and balance does help some individuals accomplish their wellness goals.  Yet, this is not a direct result of your sessions.  Rather, alternative wellness therapy opens a doorway for your body to choose to express wholeness in ways it may have been struggling with previously.  Wellness experiences may vary.  Always remember to consult appropriate healthcare professionals for all your health care needs.


 "Gretchen’s work focuses on healing the whole person—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I have been coming to see Gretchen for several months now, and her vast medical knowledge and knowledge of healing therapies, is incredible. She is compassionate, gifted, and an intuitive healer. After each session, I have had a great deal of energy and felt very relaxed. Gretchen has such a vast array of healing services and options available. I truly believe she can help with any problem. I highly recommend Gretchen and her services, and I will continue to work with her on my journey to wellness."
D., Social Worker, Stow, OH

  "I went back to my doctor after seeing Gretchen and my doctor asked me what I had been doing because my progesterone levels were in the normal range for the first time."  G., stay at home mom, Akron, OH

Gretchen Ramella is amazingly skillful and knowlegeable in the health care field. My right eye continued to have an "irritation" nine weeks after cataract surgery.  Nothing seemed to give permanent relief.  Now, my eye irritation has been relieved and it has never returned.  The follow-up eye exam results showed 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/25 in the other eye.  The M.D. eye surgeon said that this great result is rare, after cataract surgery.  I am delighted that my vision has been restored and the "irritation is gone.  Also, after discovering that I had a slow heart rate, I wanted to see if this could be improved so more serious heart issues would not develop.  After my appointment with Gretchen, I knew something was different.  I had more energy and felt motivated and enthusiastic about life again.  To my amazement, my heart rate was 65 beats per minute!  It had been in the range of 41 to 51 beats per minute.  Now, three weeks later, my heart rate stays between 65 and 70 beats per minute.  Just as it did years ago, when I was much younger!  I am so elated and grateful for all Gretchen has done for me! Her skill and compassion far exceed anything I ever experienced.  My sense of wellness is restored. I feel like I can face life with JOY once again.

Kay, IN

 "I am truly grateful for the awesome therapy received from Health Practitioner and Nurse, Gretchen.  She is exceptionally gifted in all aspects of her work. Gretchen restored my hope and joy!! I am finding myself truly enjoying life and even laughing more. I am a 67 year old grandmother with a history endocrine problems, digestive issues, chronic low back pain, mild CHF, and low functioning kidneys. I have been a patient of traditional M.D.’s, Internists, Endocrinologists, D.O.’s and Chiropractors for a number of years. I continue to see a well-qualified massage therapist. However, I reached a point where the traditional methods were no longer working.   My search for non-traditional (natural) methods led me to Gretchen. I had amazing results immediately! Gretchen was able to get my mind and body into a deeply relaxed state that I’ve never experienced before! The swelling disappeared from my lower extremities and has not returned!   I was 3 lb. lighter on the scale the next day! I am also PAIN FREE for the first time in years! The pain in my low back has not returned and it has been 3 months since that first treatment! Living “Pain Free” is now a new way of life for me! My thyroid and kidney lab results are now in the normal range. I am managing my stress better! I have a positive outlook on life and I am not so easily discouraged or overwhelmed. I am able to stay focused and accomplish my goals with clear thoughts. Gretchen also knows how to work with emotional thought energy blockages and remove them so that a person’s health can be restored. She is very intuitive and knew the exact protocols needed. Gretchen designed a set of exercises that I can do on my own to support the energies of my kidneys, endocrine and digestive system. These exercises are simple to do. I trust Gretchen completely. I plan to follow her wellness program for the rest of my life! I am truly GRATEFUL beyond words"

Retired Educator: Indpls., IN., 1st testimonial

2nd Testimonial from Retired Educator from IN

I am deeply grateful for the Therapy that I received from Health Practitioner and Nurse, Gretchen. I traveled over 300 miles from my home in Indianapolis, Indiana, to her office in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The truly AMAZING results are well worth the trip! Constipation issues, corrected!  Sense of JOY and WELL-BEING returned!  This time, I had even more exciting results! They were confirmed when I visited my massage therapist, in Indianapolis. She is nationally certified and has given me regular massage treatments for over 25 years. During my last appointment, she exclaimed: “FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN MY CLIENT, YOUR BODY IS IN PERFECT ALIGNMENT! YOUR TOXIN LEVEL IS AT ZERO! THERE ARE NO BLOCKAGES IN YOUR COLON OR INTESTINES! YOU HAVE NO FLUID IN YOUR LUNGS! I DON'T KNOW WHAT GRETCHEN DOES BUT WHATEVER IT IS SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING”

This is the healthiest I’ve ever been in the last 25 years!! This was within one week of my latest Therapy from Gretchen. No other doctor or therapist has been able to achieve these marvelous results in my body!! I am truly grateful!! I also went to my doctor and my cholesterol levels are finally in the normal range.

I plan to remain a faithful client!!
Gretchen is truly an exceptionally gifted practitioner. I am blessed beyond measure to be her client.


Alternative wellness therapies can have a positive effect on what a client is experiencing physically, mentally or emotionally.  Yet, physical, emotional, and mental conditions are not diagnosed or treated.  A client may have a positive experience in any of these areas as the result of their body being brought back to a place of connection, harmony and balance.  Therefore, a client's testimony is only a result of their own personal experience after their energies are functioning with vitality.  Because alternative wellness practitioners do not diagnose or treat any physical /mental /emotional illness, condition, or disease, no guarantees for future sessions can be made.  Yet, our bodies do have a tendency to enjoy being balanced and just may let us know with positive experiences


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