Class / Group Testimonials


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"Something I have been wanting to shift in my life for years came with ease the day after I took one of Gretchen's classes.  The tools Gretchen gives are simple and actually work fast!"

"Coming to this class I did not know what to expect.  Gretchen makes you feel at ease and the concepts she teaches are eye opening.  I learned some valuable exercises I can use for the rest of my life!" 

 "The information Gretchen shared was practical and effective in helping me shift a long time judgment pattern I thought I could never change."

"Gretchen's classes have new and fresh information that's useful, practical and gets to the root of things.  Gretchen has a deep understanding of what tools can help us in life."

 "The teacher was great.  She is very knowledgable about the subjects being taught and answered my questions with no problem."

  "I have a better understanding of emotional stress and I now have practical tools I can use to release emotional stress.  I even felt a shift during class.  I enjoyed the meditation at the end which gave me a greater sense of well being and I was able to rest in the peace within"


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