Cancer, Post surgery, IV therapies, RX medications

Brazilian Toe Technique

Originating from Brazil, the zone reflex points of the Brazilian Toe are known for supporting the body in finding its own way to sooth an achy, distressed body and to calm restless legs. The relaxation extends deep providing tranquility to the nervous system supporting the body to find its own way to balance physical discomfort, reduce stress, calm emotional stress, release toxins, balance out edema (swelling) issues and harmonize morning sickness. Brazilian Toe is used in some cancer centers to relieve side effects of Chemo therapy, radiation & post-surgical anesthesia. Those with hair loss, edema or nausea from hospital procedures may find greater balance after experiencing the Brazilian Toe Technique.

Treasuring U now offers Training on how to give & receive the Brazilian Toe Technique with family and friends.  Ask about Treasuring U's training opportunities.

A Special Relaxation with an extended version of the Brazilian Toe 

Exists For:

1. Cancer Patients Receiving Chemo therapy

2. Those who notice pervasive body discomfort after surgery or after receiving IV therapies

3. Those who feel their body may have become toxic due to prescription medication side effects or exposure to surgical anesthesia

60 minute session: $64

Supporting body resiliency on a deep level, an extensive Alternative Medicine Protocol (based in Chinese medicine) also exists for those receiving Chemotherapy.

1 hour & 30 minute session: $90



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