Body Discomfort Sessions

Body Discomfort Individualized Sessions

 Body discomfort can prevent reaching goals of reducing stress.

Body discomfort and stress (whether physical or mental) have a strong connection.   "Mind" or mental stress along with a heightened perceived threat awareness within the brain stucture known as the amygdala can lock the body in a stress response pattern creating resistance within the body to fully releasing body discomfort.  This tug-of-war pattern within will cause the body to struggle maintaining it's pain free state even if the body discomfort techniques work at the time. This is why relaxation techniques are added to relieving body discomfort techniques in order to aide the body in maintaining a restorative state.

Even if you are not presently under a great deal of stress, the stressful experiences of the past can get locked in the body or within the electromagnetic communication patterns within the structures of the brain contributing to resistance when releasing body discomfort long term. This is also why it may take a few sessions to maintain the results you are looking for.

 Treasuring U Energy Wellness uses  numerous tools and techniques including an approach used by the Hopi Indians to relax body discomfort while working with muscle associated meridians. Often times muscle tension is not the only reason we experience muscular discomfort. Chinese meridians also support various muscles in the body. If the communication is blocked within the meridian, our muscles could feel tightness or experience pain.

Contributing Factors to releasing body discomfort long term.

Contributing Factors

Scars from surgery, injury, tattoos, piercings, C-section, tooth extractions, tonsillectomy, stretch marks, acne and chicken pox.

Diagnosis: arthritis, fibromyalgia, connective tissue disorders, and body organ disorders.

Stress-Out mentally and / or physically to the point your body has forgotten how to relax.

Body Discomfort Session


First Session with Consult is $120, follow up sessions (if needed) are $90.






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