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RN, BSN, Whole Being Wellness Educator,

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner,

Transformational Life Coach & Group Facilitator,

Heart Connecting Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Founder of Treasuring U Energy Wellness, LLC., Gretchen is located in a beautifully scenic part of Ohio. All throughout Gretchen's life, family, friends, school classmates and co-workers would refer to Gretchen as an Over-Achiever.  While growing up, Gretchen's brother would often ask, "Gretchen, because writing A papers take so much time and effort, why not give yourself a break and write a B paper instead?"  Gretchen would respond to her brother saying, "Scott, I don't know how.  Doing my personal best in everything I set my mind to is all I know how to do.  I don't know how to be anything other than who I am." 


While being a part of Western medicine during the beginning of her adult years, Gretchen found her deeply caring heart painfully crying out. She would often inwardly ponder questions like, “If we truly are an advance civilization, why is what we are able to offer seem limited and the side effects so great?”  Gretchen could not seem to shake this feeling inside that additional possibilities must exist. This desire for "something else to be possible" inspired Gretchen on a journey of discovering options to effectively support the health and well-being of the whole person in increasingly expanding ways. With a personal history of being a Registered Nurse and Certified Wellness Coach, Gretchen has over 20 years' experience in the medical field.  She has worked in an Allergy & Immunology Physician’s office, Home Health Care, General Health clinics along with Geriatric and Orthopedic care service.  Yet, the results Gretchen has seen with Energy Medicine (EM) has been mind boggling.  The beneficial outcomes with EM never cease to be amazing.  Aligning the body with wellness allows the body to find it's own way to healing.  The concept behind alternative therapies is to facilitate an atmosphere of allowing while creating a peaceful path toward restoration.  

Gretchen’s favorite activity in life is to assist others in finding ways to be loving, gentle and kind to themselves while endeavoring to embrace their personal wellness potential. Creating proficiency Gretchen's medical background provides wisdom, knowledge and insight on how to prioritize what's needed for the energy body so the physical body can receive the quality support it needs. Gretchen has attended multiple Energy Medicine and Eden Energy Medicine workshops to supplement her training and knowledge while holding fast to the awareness of how self-acceptance and loving who we are is foundational in empowering the shift and change we are longing for in our lives. Because everything is energy, all dimensions of who we are as human beings must be addressed with a caring approach if we are going to experience our “wholeness” in complete and profound ways. Pursuing additional avenues to address the core issues influencing the wellness of our soul (mind/ will / emotions), body, spirit and awakened heart consciousness, Gretchen became a certified Life Transformed Coach & Group Facilitator. While speaking on stage during an event in Sedona, Gretchen realized how much she loves working with audiences to transform their lives and strengthening their spiritual heart through song.     

Gretchen has worked in a healing therapies ministry in a local community church and volunteered at the Hitchcock Center for Women.  When not teaching in a group settings or working one-on-one with a client, Gretchen can be found writing books supporting wellness consciousness of the mind, heart, body and spirit. Gretchen has an extremely creative side expressed with her being a singer/song writer/ musician, creating new energy exercises benefiting the mind/(physical & energy) body/ spirit & heart, designing life transformative course content for classes/workshops/ seminars and retreats and developing new protocols addressing various energy body and energy being issues.

Gretchen has a gift of insight providing the opportunity for internal inquiry leading to freedom. This atmosphere of freedom once experienced transitions one to move beyond all previously perceived limitation rooted in a place of increased awareness. High ethical standards along with maintaining a pure motivational intent creates the feeling of safety required to allow others to heal. Offering the nurturing side of herself within each interactive moment makes “Treasuring U” the resonant environment of working with Gretchen.  Embracing and illimunating the beauty within each cleint's heart opens a door of possibilty for profound transformation.  Gretchen’s valued contribution is creating an atmosphere allowing others to connect with their highest good along with the wisdom available within each present moment.  Authentic caring support is Gretchen's most treasured gift to give.  

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